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The Division of Dorset and Wilshire was constituted in 2014, having previously evolved through several different permutations, namely "South Western Division", "Dorset, Somerset, Hants & IOW" and more recently "Division of Dorset" in 1995, and is a geographical jurisdiction that covers both the Dorset and Wiltshire counties.


R. Ill. Kt. Alan Curley


V. Ill. Kt. Colin E. W. Swain

Deputy Intendant-General

Once a year, at a prescribed date and venue, a Divisional Meeting is held. This includes Intendant Generals from other Divisions (and their representatives) as well as active Divisional Officers and other members from Conclaves within the Division.


The Intendant-General, as head of the Division, having been appointed by the Grand Sovereign (head of the Order nationally) serves in that office for a number of years. He is empowered to appoint his own Deputy, as well as other Officers, to assist him with his realm of responsibility.

Conclaves are the units that operate throughout both counties and make up the Division. Members of the Order belong to Conclaves which is where the usual business of the Order is carried out on a regular basis.

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